We believe that the decisions we make regarding the food we consume have an impact not only on our health, society and economy but also on our planet.

We think that only by understanding the problem and our contribution, we can be part of the solution. We want to take actions and we want to share them! Join us in the search for explanations, inspiring initiatives, admirable people and practical solutions.

We believe that our consumer`s demand can generate positive changes. We the consumers, the people moving the wheel of economy, have a tremendous power. Imagine if we all join our efforts, if we just start to:

    • care about what we consume, from whom we are buying, how much we are paying for our food and what we are doing to inform ourselves about food security;
    • create profitable businesses that allow direct connection between farmers and consumers thus reducing time, distance and cost in the chain supply of production in order to provide healthy, fresh, local and quality food at a fair price;
    • create/support profitable businesses related to maximizing the use of resources, waste mitigation and recycling and;
    • motivate the work of responsible farmers and the participation/creation of movements that support agroecology, fair trade, sustainable innovation, consumption and responsible use of natural resources.

My true food wishes to inspire change and support the building a better future.


Together we can reshape the food system and build a healthy and fair world with food for all.