Within urban areas, agriculture helps cities to be resilient, ecological, inclusive and sustainable. Producing food is a skill useful at any age.

A history of composting

A curious man enters one of the orchards of the Segantini Park and finds Sergio and Luca. He’s Junior, a young man who is passionate about the land and eager … Continue reading “A history of composting”

Natural resourses: LIMITED!

As we saw in post 2, to produce food, natural resources (air, water, soil, biodiversity) and energy are needed. Food production is just one of the many human activities that … Continue reading “Natural resourses: LIMITED!”

The plan for today: Start a Garden!

If we think about the increase in population (post 1) and the effect of human activities on global warming (posts 2, 3 and 4)), it seems like we have surpassed … Continue reading “The plan for today: Start a Garden!”

V.I.S. (Very Important Soil)

In post 2, we saw that to produce food we need energy, soil, water and biodiversity. So now, let’s talk about soil! Soil is a very complex natural resource. It … Continue reading “V.I.S. (Very Important Soil)”

V.I.F. (Very Important Food)

Food is what we put on our plates to eat, to maintain life and much more! Food is love, passion, cultural and personal identity, natural resources, nutrients, work, sweat, trade, … Continue reading “V.I.F. (Very Important Food)”


Lettuce Grow

Lettuce Grow

Modular system designed to grow vegetables, herbs and leafy greens at home.

Beacos of Hope

Beacons of hope

21 global initiatives that are working to achieve sustainable, equitable, and secure food systems.

Semillas en resistencia

Resistance Seeds by Grupo Semillas

Short film that explains the importance of the seed and the current problems related to its production and distribution.

Bosque comestible

Food Forest-Las Cañadas

Short film that explains what polyculture agriculture is within the forest.

Vananda Shiva

Vananda Shiva in Barcelona 2018

Statement by Vandana Shiva, ecologist, regarding the food system and the current economic model.


Soils for food security and climate by 4 per 1000

Short film that illustrates why it is important that we care about the ground.


Food Forest-Milan

Project that aims to grow a forest of fruit trees and aromatic plants in Milan.


Biointensive Farming

Short video showing the principles of biointensive agriculture.


Biodynamic Association

Association that promotes biodynamic agriculture.


Milan Urban Food Policy Pact

Network of cities around the world, working together and sharing knowledge to build resilient and sustainable cities.


Green Bronx Machine

School project that teaches socially disadvantaged children to grow vegetables and is building a new local economy.


Las Cañadas

Sustainable agroecologiacal farm sharing knowledge through courses, seeds, plants and books helping others to implement practical and integrated solutions.


Veta la Palma

Farm within the Doñana National Park where fish, rice, cattle and horses are grown based on the principles of sustainability.


4 per 1000

Initiative that promotes climate change mitigation, through the increase in soil organic carbon (0.4%) in the top of agricultural soils.


A Growing Culture

Organization promoting and facilitating collective learning between farmers, supporting agroecological innovations and a sustainable food system.



Global network seeking solutions to the ever increasing problems of the world.



100 solutions to reverse global warming.


Believe Earth

Movement fostering positive stories to strength socio-environmental causes, build partnerships and co-create campaigns with other groups around the world.


Food Tank

Global community pushing for food system change.


Sustainable Development Goals

Call for action by all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.

Slow Food

Slow Food

Global movement that defends “Good, Clean and Fair” food for all.


Together we can reshape the food system and build a healthy and fair world with food for all.